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All Piatt Pottery ware uses food-grade glazes, and is dishwasher and microwave safe. As with all pottery, including mass-produced, you will extend the life of your Piatt Pottery by taking care that you do not “shock” the pottery by putting dishes from a cold refrigerator to a heated oven. 

Standard Piatt Pottery items include:
French butter dishes
Honey pots
– Mugs (various sizes, ranging from espresso/child to 20oz beer steins)
Colanders / strainers
– Pie plates
Lamps / candelabras (clay candles, hurricane lamps and, periodically, electric lamps)
Stir-fry bowls (with chopstick rests; bamboo chopsticks included)
Dinnerware (plates, bowls, cups – entire set or individual pieces)
Soap dispensers – can be used for dish soap, hand soap or hand sanitizer
Covered casseroles
– Spoon rests
– Tiles

Charles Piatt custom-mixes the glazes he uses via a proprietary method. Many color themes are available, yet no two pieces are identical. Click here for a gallery of colors.

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